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Maturation and development of the Default-Mode-Network is a life-long process of interacting with the environmental  experiences. It is an experience –dependent plasticity process. Any disturbance to this process, including unstable environments, hampers Default-Mode-Network maturation. Immature mismatching biased internal  Representations cause non-adaptive faulty psychosocial functionality (personality disorders), deoptimization(mood alterations) and instability (anxiety) and possible fragmentation with psychotic vulnerability

Personality Disorder

Massive global increase of brain plasticity is beneficial for a maturing brain and for the evolution of small worldliness. However, maturation is heavily depended on ‘Experience Dependent Plasticity thus experience control should be added via real-time experiences (including psychotherapy) or artificially controlled Virtual Reality experiences.


Changes are expected in timescales of years. Most notably the network maturation should be measured in terms of small- worldliness  as it is expected that the maturing brain assumes small-world organization as it matures. Alife-trajectory of mature brains should be compared with trajectories of immature personality-disordered brains and a ‘bias measure’ would probably detect and diagnose this disorder  


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