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Clinical Consultations

Clinical consultations are provided via a telemedicince format and are designed for second opinions and particularly complicated cases. Consolations are typically 30 minutes to 45 minutes in duration. Consultation provides diagnosis, diagnosis plan, treatment, forensic and rehabilitation plans

Neuro Consultation

The neuronal underpinning of mental disorders is just beginning to be revealed. It seems that disturbances to brain ‘Plasticity’ plays a critical role in such mental disorders. Applications of Neuroanalytic theory to the phenomenology of the patients offers a novel unprecedented reformulation of the clinical problem at hand and thus a direct testable hypothesis as to the therapeutic intervention required. Neuro consultation generates brain related therapeutic personalized protocols of treatment. These involve brain stimulation that ranges from medication, via direct electrophysiological to experience dependent stimulations.  Neuro Consultation works by generating personalized plasticity-inducing treatments protocols based on Neuroanalytic theory.

Start-ups Consultation

In recent years we are experiencing an explosion of technological start-up activity in the fields of Digital Mental Health and wellbeing.  NeuroAnalysis has inspired the Brain Profiler digital platform, based on the ideas of Clinical Brain Profiling.  Many companies today require expert opinions in the field of psychiatry and the experience gained with Brain Profiler can provide for consultation for commercial initiatives in non-conflicting spaces.

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