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Abraham Peled M.D.  is now offering the following:
Speaking Engagements

Consultation for Startups

Clinical Consultations


Lectures come in the format of 1 hour talk and additional half hour for discussion and questions. 

Proposed Abstract

Neuroanalysis and Clinical Brain Profiling: A Future Brain–Related Psychiatric Diagnosis


The most serious concern about psychiatric diagnosis is the failure of DSM to provide a valid ethiopathological psychiatric diagnosis. This is serious because not knowing what causes mental disorders impedes us from actually curing them.

In recent years we are witnessing the emergence of new sciences such as those of complex-systems-physics and neural computation. At present these sciences are in a position to reformulate mental disorders as brain-disorders in a way that was not possible before. For example, Psychosis can be associated with disconnection syndromes in the brain. If validated they are in a position to revolutionize psychiatry providing the ethiopathological psychiatry necessary for effective treatments.

In my talk I will detail, what in my mind, will be the future psychiatric diagnosis-based om a network system approach to brain dynamics. I will explain how such diagnostic approach can be translated to the every-day work at the clinic, and introduce a specially designed software and App designed to create a research platform for the discovery of the causes of mental disorders.

Speaking Engagements

The Science of Neuroanalysis is new and exciting.
Book a Dr. Peled speaking engagement now:
Dr. Peled’s lectures are typically one-hour long with an additional half hour for open discussion and questions.


Workshops are given in a one-day format and can be extended based on in-depth requirements and time limits.

Workshop Programs include:

  • Psychiatric diagnosis: development, phenomenology and practice

    Systems and Networks: Basic concepts

  • Fast plasticity, Central Executive networks and psychosis

  • Developmental plasticity, Default-mode networks and personality disorders

  • Slow Plasticity, Salient Networks and mood disorders

  • Constructing the novel diagnostic brain-related approach

  • Technology the novel diagnosis, a practical Brain Profiler software and App

  • Psychiatry and the Brain: Neuroscience related to psychiatric phenomenology

Consultation for start-ups


In recent years we are experiencing an explosion of technological start-up activity in the fields of Digital Mental Health and wellbeing.  NeuroAnalysis has inspired the Brain Profiler digital platform, based on the ideas of Clinical Brain Profiling.  Many companies today require expert opinions in the field of psychiatry and the experience gained with Brain Profiler can provide for consultation for commercial initiatives in non-conflicting spaces.

Clinical Consultations

Clinical consultations are provided via a telemedicince format and are designed for second opinions and particularly complicated cases. Consolations are typically 30 minutes to 45 minutes in duration. Consultation provides diagnosis, diagnosis plan, treatment, forensic and rehabilitation plans

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