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The Salient Network optimizes interactions with the environment (Central Executive Network) and internal representations(the Default Mode Network). Mania is an Emergent Property of Hyper-optimization Dynamics when internal configurations of the Default mode network bias (Decrease Delta) from occurrences computed by the interaction of the Executive Network with the environmental Occurrences. Hyper Optimization happens via the Salient Network and happen within time windows of weeks to months.


Massive spread reduction of plasticity will reduce brain ‘adaptability’ and facilitate de-optimization dynamics which in turn will increase ‘free energy’ (delta) in computing environmental perturbations. increase of free energy has depressant anti-manic effect which will eliminate manic manifestations.


Concentrate on test-retest analysis in the time range of weeks to months. Search to compare Dynamic Causal Modeling entropic measurements measuring predictive Bayesian brain dynamics over time periods of months and weeks. Search dynamics going from less optimized states to more optimized states, (Humming distance) applied both to correlation matrixes and graph analysis edges   


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