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Mental Disorders

Brain related conceptualization‍

Abraham Peled Md.

The author Abraham Peled M.D (see also CV & Publications) is a psychiatrist with many years of clinical experience, chairing various departments from open ward rehabilitation to top-security severely psychotic confined patients’ wards.

Dr Peled held (Emeritus) a clinical position in the Medical Faculty of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in his early carrier Dr Peled was a fellow post-doc at UCDMC California.Uniquely, Dr Peled was self-trained in the sciences of Computational Neuroscience, and Complex Systems Physics, searching relentlessly to unite them with phenomenological psychiatry.

Dr Peled believes that unifying psychiatry with Computational Neuroscience, and Complex Systems Physics will revolutionize the field of mental disorders and ensure effective cures to those suffering.

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