Immature rudimental biased Default Mode Network with internal configurations that are non-adaptive and biased inrespect to occurring conditions generates Connectom spread instability with increased frustration on constraints that influence plasticity dynamics in away that increases free energy dynamics thus having depressed mood as the emergent property.  In addition general instability with emergence of anxious mood is present, thus both anxious and depressed mood emerge from such global network disturbance
Life long assessment of Default Mode Network graphs should be collected to identify small-world network disturbances and biases. Network instability of constraint frustration is expected. Additionally expect increase mismatch between the Default Mode network and the central executive representation of occurrences. Experience-dependent plasticity interventions together with increased plasticity to stabilize constraints is warranted.
Traditionally for anxiety Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) and Anxiolytics are administrated induction of neuronal plasticity is achieved with SSRI’s theoretically consider alternative (or enhancing) neuronal-plasticity induction using prefrontal transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) transcranial or Direct Current Stimulation tDCS. Consider adding Virtual Reality (VR)  calming meditative experience-plasticity-inducing environments. For the Anxiety component consider adding Virtual Reality (VR) calming meditative experience-plasticity-inducing environments    in addition for the personality disorder component there is an important value for plasticity induction combination with psychotherapy (which is actually Experience-dependent-plasticity induction). Additionally, consider personalized Virtual-Reality (VR) psychotherapy. Use any intervention that will enhance Small World Network maturation.