Immature rudimental biased Default Mode Network with internal configurations that are non-adaptive and biased inrespect to occurring conditions and may generate fluctuations of optimization matching dynamics. In such cases hyper-optimization with reduced free energy can occur being expressed by the emergence of elevated manic mood   
Lifelong assessments of Default Mode Network graphs should be collected to identify small-world network disturbances and biases. Decrease mismatch between the Default Mode network and the central executive network is expected.Experience-dependent plasticity interventions together with increased connectivity  may benefit organization in the disturbances.
For mania Traditionally antipsychotics are administered. Consider adding Virtual Reality (VR) calming meditative environments. When mania subsides treatment for personality disorder    traditionally involves psychotherapy (which is actually Experience-dependent-plasticity induction). Additionally, consider personalized Virtual-Reality (VR) psychotherapy. Use any intervention that will enhance Small World Network maturation.