Over-connected network involving the Executive Central Network, can be accompanied by  Hierarchical Bottom-up insufficiency, with higher-level brain organizations becoming insufficient
Imaging will involve increased correlation matrix entries, and connectivity graphs will show disturbance of Small-World Network with increased clustering coefficients.  Whole brain dynamics over-time  fixate with constriction and reduced dynamics. Hubs of the Central Executive Network will have increased degrees.However connections to the higher-level dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC)will be reduced.Treatment will have to disconnect the overly connected network and stabilize connectivity-optimization via intervention in the hubs resorting dlPFC hierarchical balance.
Traditionally antipsychotics are administrated theoretically also consider modulating global integration using Dorsolateral Prefrontal Hub-related transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) to disconnect global network (reduce Gamma synchronization).          For Avolition consider modulating cortical hierarchical balance using tACS to resynchronize unimodal and transmodal cortices and rebuilt hierarchal bottom-up (e.g., increase Gamma synchronization between parietal and prefrontal cortices). Consider adding Virtual Reality (VR)  prefrontal-cortical cognitive exercise for frontal cortical experience-plasticity-inducing environments (i.e., activating the plasticity of prefrontal cortex)