In the process of hyper-optimization dynamics (where hyper matching  i.e.,reduced Free Energy, between the Executive Network and Default Mode Network.The Executive Network representing instant environmental occurrences  and the Default Mode Network representing internal representations)  in such hyper-optimization conditions Top-down Hierarchical bias can be generated where higher level ideation biases incoming actual experience, by a faulty error-correction hierarchical dynamics    
Imaging graphs of the Executive Network and Default Mode Network should be assessed over-time, and a free-energy delta distance (Humming distance like measure) evaluated. Treatment involves blocking decrease of this measure will require increased network ‘rigidity’ by increasing connectivity dynamics while balancing top-down connectivity overrun creating delusions.
Traditionally antipsychotics are administrated theoretically also consider modulating cortical hierarchical balance using transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) to desynchronize unimodal and transmodal cortices to reduce top-down biased effects (e.g., reduce Gamma synchronization between parietal and prefrontal cortices).  Consider administering opposing Delusions-related specific Virtual-Reality environments. For Mania Consider adding Virtual Reality (VR)  calming meditative environments.