Here over connectivity is accompanied by a disconnected (statistically independent) activity of perceptual networks.   Over-connected network involving the Executive Central Network, occur together with a split-off independent activation of perceptual cortex     
Imaging analysis will show correlation matrices and graph analysis that has connection increase spread in the global Connectom, but reductions in connection to the perceptual cortical subsystem. Treatment will have to disconnect the overly connected network, connect the disconnected sub-network and stabilize connectivity-optimization via intervention in the hubs.
Traditionally antipsychotics are administrated theoretically also consider modulating global integration using Dorsolateral Prefrontal Hub-related transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) to disconnect global network (reduce Gamma synchronization). For hallucinations consider locally focused cortical low-frequency suppressive TMS. Additionally consider administering  Hallucinations-related specific Virtual-Reality environments (personalized controlled talking Avatars).