Hierarchical Bottom-up insufficiency. Higher-level brain organizations are fragmented and lost, thus higher levels of brain organization for volition is destroyed. Normally bottom-up processes from lower-level brain networks is balanced by top-down controlling higher-level functions. Here we see bottom-up insufficiency, where the lower levels of organization are insufficient and cannot achieve the higher-level organization which is responsible for higher-level functions such ad volition    
dorsolateral prefrontal cortical (dlPFC) organization is hampered or even lost altogether. Connections from peripheral unimodal cortical regions are weak or lost, this will show up on correlation matrixes and graph analysis. Treatment is aimed at dlPFC hubs via inter neuronal dlPFC modulating  activity that can increase hierarchical organization back to its proper function.
Traditionally antipsychotics are administrated theoretically consider modulating cortical hierarchical balance using transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) to resynchronize unimodal and transmodal cortices and rebuilt hierarchal bottom-up (e.g., increase Gamma synchronization between parietal and prefrontal cortices). Consider adding Virtual Reality (VR) prefrontal-cortical cognitive exercise for frontal cortical experience-plasticity-inducing environments (i.e., activating the plasticity of prefrontal cortex)